Payment and shipment

Payment terms  

The webshop offers the following payment options:  

  • Delivery - in this case you can pay the amount of the product ordered and the amount of shipping fee in cash or by creditcard at the delivery
  • Advance payment - in this case, we will send a payment wager by e-mail after the order, where you will find all information about the transfer. The product will be delivered after the payment has been received.
  • Online credit card payment - through OTP bank's simple pay service, you can safely and immediately pay for your ordered product


Shipping terms

Charges for home delivery  

  • the shipping cost of the KutSnake fender flares is gross 3000 HUF / piece
  • the shipping cost of the KutSnake grating grills is 2500 HUF / piece
  • the shipping cost of the KutSnake hood scoops is 2000 HUF / piece

Delivery time  

For goods in stock, delivery time is approx. 1-2 business days from the confirmation of the order. In case the product is not in stock, it can be 1-2 weeks.  

Delivery information 

Orders received by our webshop are delivered exclusively by the couriers of the GLS courier service. Packages are delivered on working days between 8:00 and 18:00. As a delivery address, it is advisable to provide a title where the courier can be continuously received at the time of the day and can ensure the delivery of the delivery and the shipping fee and the payment of the fee for the courier.  Order the products only if you can pay for the courier at the time the package is received. In the case of unpacked and returned packages, the charge for delivery and return is charged to the customer and can be rescheduled only when the package is reimbursed in advance.  For any additional questions that may arise regarding the operation, ordering and delivery process of our store, we are at your disposal in the contact details of your operator.